Monday, September 27, 2010

The Way To Early Look at the Knicks

For this way to early look at the Knicks, I will not weight player performance based on the last three years of a player. Rather this post will only focus on the WP48s and wins produced from the last season. I will also not forecast minutes or take a guess at starters/reserves yet (that will come closer to the start of the regular season.

Kelenna Azubuike (2009 numbers due to injury) WP48: .104 Wins 5.15
Wilson Chandler- WP48: -.032 Wins -1.55
Eddy Curry- WP48: -.249 Wins -.75
Toney Douglas- WP48: .076 Wins 1.72
Patrick Ewing Jr. (did not play)
Raymond Felton- WP48: .163 Wins 8.97
Landry Fields (Rookie)
Danilo Galinari- WP48: .101 Wins 5.78
Roger Mason- WP48: .051 Wins 1.61
Timofey Mozgov (Rookie)
Anthony Randolph- WP48: .095 Wins 1.48
Andy Rautins (Rookie)
Amare Stoudemire- WP48: .154 Wins 9.11
Ronny Turiaf- WP48: .067 Wins 1.22
Bill Walker- WP48: .135 Wins 2.08

Without projecting the rookies at this time, the biggest strength that the Knicks have with this team is that they are a young team. Knowing that players generally get better until the age of 25 in which the peak, the Knicks have a slew of players under 25 who have been around average players and could out-perform last year's numbers.

So the way to early look at the Knicks sees them winning 34 games. I think that this number has an excellent chance of being far below what will actually happen seeing as rookies have not been factored in. Also, Gallo, Toney Douglas, Bill Walker, Anthony Randolph, among others should improve on the performance they put together last year. Hopefully the Knicks can make a charge for a winning record for the first time since I think Nixon went on trial for Watergate.

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