Monday, July 5, 2010

Just when you think Donnie Walsh can't screw up anymore...

The latest rumblings via ESPN is that the "Basketball Lifer" GM Donnie Walsh and his front office are looking at the possibility of a sign and trade with the Golden State Warriors. The trade? Monta Ellis for David Lee.

When I heard this news I almost fell off my computer chair, and then I checked the date to see if it was April 1. Nope, July 5, and the Knicks are at it again. Before getting into the 2011 forecast for each of the players, why is it that the only team in the league that doesn't want Lee on their team happens to be the Knicks? It just makes no sense to me. The Knicks seem to be evaluating David Lee as if he is a replacement player.

Anyway here are the 2011 forecasts for Monta Ellis and David Lee.

Monta Ellis: 2168 Mins. .048 WP48 2.2 Wins

David Lee: 2788 Mins. .286 WP48 16.6 Wins

Yes, this seems like a very good for the Knicks to make. Lets hand the Golden State Warriors 14.4 Wins. It is just mind-boggling that the Knicks can continually do these things. Do I expect NBA front office personnel to understand Wins Produced, APBRmetrics, or even the PER? No, but I do expect that once...ONCE!! the Knicks would come up on the right side of a trade.

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  1. So how do you feel about the actual trade for David Lee? I've been arguing how bad it was in the comments at the WoW Journal.