Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rudy Fernandez to NYK?

Portland and SG Rudy Fernandez are looking to mutually part ways before the upcoming season. The Knicks are rumored to be in the mix for his services. The only problem is, via ESPN, Portland is looking for a first round pick for Rudy.

The Knicks cannot offer a first round pick because the NBA does not allow trading first round picks in consecutive years. The Knicks traded 2011 to the Jazz and 2012 to the Rockets, which makes trading a 2013 first round pick disallowed.

More importantly, how does Rudy project as a Knick?

He has not played more than 2000 minutes in his years with Portland but has produced an above average WP48 of .157 in 2009 and .131 in 2010.

With that we can expect another above performer with the Knicks, which is a shock to think the Knicks can actually have multiple above average performers on the one time!

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