Friday, October 29, 2010

Game 2

New York Knicks (1-0)
Boston Celtics (1-1)

The Celtics beat the Miami Heat in the opener and since the Heat are obviously a better team than the Knicks, New York has no chance at winning this game. Actually it might be a good idea to get halloween started early.

Amare was less than stellar in his Knick debut commiting 9 turnovers. That guy out in the Bay Area now who really just put up his numbers in garbage time had a max turnover game of 5.

Wilson Chandler paying the power forward position for long stretches in the opener is eventually going to hurt the Knicks. He doesn't possess enough rebounding ability to get boards over taller players and despite what the announcers say, Wislon Chandler cannot stretch the floor. He simply isn't a good outside shooter.

Knicks win probability -100%


  1. What is your deal? Do you hate the Knicks? Why not blog about the team you like? -100%? You must have been the only guy in the city who knew how badly Gallo's wrist would effect his offense. Even one of you uber-arrogant win score drunkards would have to admit he's usually goes for a little more than the 4 point margin the game was decided by. You root for your one-size-fits-all-stat-of-a-thousand-blind-spots, and I'll root for the Knicks.

  2. I was being sarcastic. Of course I don't think the Knicks were -100%. Probably Boston was around a 2/1 favorite. Have a sense of humor!!

  3. War,famine,pestilence....Knick fandom! The subjects of widespread human suffering make for poor humor. I was born in 1973 with a ball in my crib that read K N I C K S. You prick at my pain sir :( You prick at my PAIN! Damn the Bulls. Damn them!

  4. I'm with you... I cried when Charles Smith missed those layups.