Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Problem with Media People

Well Charley Rosen is up to his usual no analysis season projections. As a general rule, any person who offers his opinion and uses phrases such as "Grit" or "Willpower" will offer nothing in the way of objective analysis.

Anyway, what irks me about this article is this phrase

MVP: "Even the writers and broadcasters who vote for this award have come to realize that Kobe does what LeBron wants to do. In any event, votes will be split between LBJ and D-Wade."

If you actually think Kobe is going to be the MVP of league...fine. I disagree with you, but that is your own opinion. Why is it that whenever LeBron is involved people always want to talk Kobe? In the season opener LeBron made a brilliant move to the basket and put the ball in and Steve Kerr chimed in with something like, "A great move by LeBron...I think probably only Kobe Bryant is the other player in the league that could do that." Kobe has absolutely nothing to do with LeBron James at all.

Furthermore, whenever Kobe Bryant does something nobody ever mentions LeBron. Why is that? If Kobe had done the exact same move do you think Kerr would have said, "Wow, a great play by Kobe. I think LeBron could do that too, though."

Back to Charley Rosen, I would really like to ask him what he means by "Kobe does what LeBron wants to do." As I talked about earlier in one of my posts, Kobe does nothing, NOTHING better than LeBron...except have better teammates. That is why last year Kobe had a WP48 of .179 and LeBron's was .429 (average of .100).

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